Below is a list of Apps Luke Barone (the author of the blog) has written, free for distribution. They are all created to solve very specific problems that I couldn’t find from other sources. All are open sourced on Github, so please stop by there if you have any bug reports or issues to raise.


Screenshot - Change Default Printer Screenshot - Change Default Printer

Change Default Printer

[ Github | Binary file ]

As a SysAdmin, I have many printers installed for my users. Windows 10 makes it more difficult for my users to choose a default printer. I wrote this app for the purpose of allowing non-admin users a quick and easy way to change their Default Printer. It takes into account the new Windows option to “let it manage your default printer for you”, which can be buggy at times.

This app is meant to run on Windows 7, 8.x, and 10. It handles functions that a regular, unprivileged user should have the rights to do. It features very large, touch-friendly buttons for those who are not using a mouse for their pointer.

Screenshot - List MP3s Screenshot - List MP3s

List MP3s

[ Github | Binary file ]

As a music lover, running Windows XP in the early 2000’s, I couldn’t find a decent MP3 tagging app. Many of the apps available had lots of bloat to them, which slowed down my machine greatly. This app loads a folder full of MP3s, and quickly lets you go through to re-tag them, listen to them, and even export an HTML file of your music library. It was my first shot at a real program, and many mistakes were made during development that I had to overcome.

Having a very large (for back then) music collection, I needed something that was fast at loading lots of files. I found my compromise of loading the files in a list, but not reading their data until clicked on. This led to very fast results, especially when I hosted my music on a remote computer at home.

The program runs on Windows XP and higher, without requiring Admin Privileges.